8 Ways to Use Vaastu Shastra in the Office

After learning about Feng Shui last month, we’re looking at the Vaastu Shastra school of thought from ancient India.

What exactly is Vaastu Shastra?

Vaastu translates to ‘dwelling’ or ‘shelter’ and Shastra translates to ‘teachings’. This ancient Hindu system dates as far back as four to five thousand years ago and was first recorded in the Vedas and sacred Vedic texts.

The system has strong similarities and strong differences with Feng Shui.

Major similarities

  • Both systems are based on the flow of a Universal energy. Feng Shui calls this energy Ch’i and Vaastu calls it Prana.
  • Both systems use 5 elements in conjunction with the 8 directions (compass points) or 9 areas.
  • Both systems have the ultimate aim of harmony between people and their living spaces.

Major differences

  • The 5 elements are different for the Chinese and Hindu cultures, although they do share 3 in common. Feng Shui utilises Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Metal. Vaastu utilises Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space.
  • Because of the differences in geographical location and conditions, each system has varying (and often contradicting) principles regarding which directions are good and bad.
  • Vaastu places greater importance on the directions in the actual design of the building, before you even get to placement of furniture.

8 Vaastu Tips for Your Office

Although predominantly used when designing a house or home, the principles of Vaastu still prioritise professional aspects of living.

  • Always place your desk and chair in a way that ensures you can see people enter (without your back facing the door).
  • Keep your desks clutter-free and do not use it for eating or recreation.
  • If you can help it, have the office kitchen or canteen in the southeast area, and not the north. Avoid shades of pink or red here, instead opt for blues or green plants.
  • Place the bathroom in the west or northwest area of the office space.
  • The reception area will be ideal in the east or northeast part of the office with the receptionist facing east or north. Go out of your way to make this space inviting and warm (by using flowers or plants, for example) to create a lasting impression.
  • It is recommended that entrepreneurs use a rectangular desk made of strong wood.
  • Place a mirror on the northern wall of the northern section of the office because this area represents wealth and a mirror will aid in bringing in financial opportunities.
  • Avoid painting the office walls in dark colours. Use vibrant and bright colours where you can in the office to spread positivity and reflect light in all directions.

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