4 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Comfortable Couch

Is it possible to feel comfortable and still be productive on a couch in your workplace?

There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work, kicking off your shoes and lounging on your couch. In any home, a couch is the epitome of comfort. It is the place people gravitate to when they would like to have an open conversation, play games and enjoy time together with ease and comfort.

Whenever opening your door to anyone you firstly welcome them to your lounge area, promoting a feeling of equality and openness.

That 'home' feel is something business owners would like to model in the workplace. They aim to build a spirit of team collaboration, comfort and equality amongst employees on all levels in the workplace.

Consider that wonderfully painted scenario in your work environment? A comfortable couch setting, a meeting place where all co-workers can meet on an equal playing field with ease and relaxation. This collaborative environment can promote a similar feeling to that, which one experiences when coming home and sitting on your couch.

For these reasons consider the importance of having a comfortable couch in the office. When determining your company profile, a vital component of that is to identify your company’s personality, the office culture you would like to promote and furthermore the environment you would want to create for yourself and your staff.

Let’s consider the benefits of having a couch in the office

  1. A couch creates a feeling of home and breaks barriers within the workplace. Employers can communicate with employees on a more interpersonal level without the employee feeling uneasy. That way messages are communicated and understood better.
  2. A couch setting is a perfect place for open discussions without status or position getting in the way of the conversation or brainstorm session.
  3. When you are comfortable, you are prone to be more productive, and nothing is hindering your workflow. Having a hand in where you choose to work and how you choose to work (of course in the parameters of your workspace) can promote productivity.
  4. It is the perfect space for conducting interviews. That way a candidate feels more welcomed, at ease and prone to give positive and honest responses.
    An added bonus to having a couch in your working space is that it promotes a culture of an open door policy or a self-led culture. Consider moving to a more collaborative, open plan workspace - getting a couch would be an excellent place to start.

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