How to organize your filing cabinet

If you are an administrator, you will understand the importance of having an organized filing cabinet, no matter the industry you are working in. It is therefore essential to have the right filing system and storage system. This will not only assist in making your day to day job, but it will keep your office neat and tidy. There is nothing worse than having to look through a thousand binders or folders for one slip that you misplaced three months ago. A right filing cabinet and excellent filing system can eliminate all that.

In this blog, we will be looking at how to organize your filing cabinet by creating a system that is easy to follow and easy to maintain.

  1. Create a filing system

By creating a system, you will be developing the method in which you will store documents and papers. This step will depend on your office structure and will vary from industry to industry. The aim of having a filing system is so that you can find things quickly and conveniently.
An effective filing system is organized by date or alphabetical order or numerical order, by name, company/client, and project or due date.

  1. Organize your files

First get your mind around what you need to file and what will work best for you. Then go ahead and create your files and label them correctly. Make a list of the files you are making so you can keep track of everything.
Start by working in pencil before committing anything in pen. Once you have your mind wrapped around your system and files you have made, you can go ahead a label everything permanently.

  1. Make your cabinet and folders yours!

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