How to Keep Warm in the Office

Winter is slowly approaching, and this means the biggest office fights are about to start. Yes, the ones about the air conditioning, the ones about who finished the milk and where did you put the sugar after you used it. The struggle becomes real as everyone will be looking to keep warm. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all that this year, we’ve put together a plan to help keep warm at the office this Winter.

How you utilise your office space is vital in keeping your office warm especially if you are in an open plan office. So, what do you need to do? It’s pretty simple;

  1. Get an office planner
    An office planner will look at your current setup, and all the office furniture then find the best way to arrange the office to keep it warm. This is also a good time where all the workers can contribute to how the office is set up, giving you a chance to address those complaints about who wants to sit where.
  2. DIY
    In the event of budget constraints doing it yourself is the next option, this can also be a team-building exercise. By re-arranging all the office furniture and computers close to each other, the atmosphere becomes more perspiring, the empty spaces will help in the circulation of cold air, which should be avoided.


Purchase a centralised room heater, and look at this as an addition to your office furniture rather than a seasonal product. Be sure to maintain room temperature maintained between 18°c and 21°c, which is ideal. The workstation is the most critical place in an office where people spend around 8-9 hours per day, winter proofing this area is vital.


Every workplace should look good no matter the season, in winter you could use thick, dark coloured curtains to cover up the windows. String curtains are a good choice, due to their cold insulating and temperature maintaining properties.


This Winter you can spoil your workers a bit by providing tasty hot beverages for your team; chocolate milk, soup and steaming snacks will keep the employees warm and score you some points with them.

No matter what methods you choose to warm up your office be sure to involve your team for the best solution possible. For all your office furniture needs and planning be sure to contact us at Workstation Office Furniture we offer a variety of options for small to larger office spaces. We deliver to the following areas; Port Elizabeth, George and East London. We pride ourselves in making your office furniture shopping leisurely, efficient and effective, giving you time to get on with your business.

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