4 Creative Reception Desk Ideas

It goes without a saying that a reception desk is a centrepiece to any office entrance, - this is what visitors see first when entering the building, creating that crucial first impression.

So, what makes a perfect reception counter or desk?

It has to look friendly and exciting, and the perfect reception desk has this covered. Perfect reception desks come in all sorts of unusual shapes and with unique designs especially adapted to make guests feel welcomed.

Let’s now look at some creative reception desk ideas that are sure to make your office the talk of the town. 


Wood continues to be the go-to material for pretty much any kind of project, and reception desks are no different. Given how versatile wood is and in how many various forms it’s available, you’ll see here a ton of unique and unusual reception desk designs, one more interesting than the other.

Wood is a durable material, which means your reception desk will be equally strong, giving off a confident and trustworthy impression to your visitors.



When space is, a constraint in your reception area, don't worry. There are plenty of small reception desk ideas to use in that limited space.

This small round table is used as the receptionist workspace in an office with limited space. As the owners of the building, we're looking for an excellent and professional reception desk, this desk is built to create just the perfect match with the room decoration and other elements. It also comes with a filing cabinet neatly placed behind the receptionist chair.


The simplest designs are sometimes the best ones, and contemporary reception areas almost always employ this strategy to perfection. They manage to stand out and be eye-catching in all sorts of fresh ways. In some cases, the desk itself has nothing to do with this; the entire interior design of the reception is the one that makes the reception desk stand out as a centrepiece.


Futuristic designs come in many shapes and forms. The most popular ones employ quadratic design elements to them. However, this futuristic reception desk employs a different strategy using rounded edges to create a beautiful reception desk.

When thinking of your reception desk, thinking out of the box critical as this is a desk that will be part of your company for time to come, so why not use a futuristic design that will see your company into the future.

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