How to Keep the Office Cool in Summer - Office Planning 101

Keeping the office cool in summer can be a mission, from everyone fighting over the air conditioner to others wanting to have open windows open the whole day, things can get a bit chaotic. Luckily for you, our team has come up with easy ways to keep your office cool this summer, and in tis blog, we’ll be looking at all that. So, sit back and relax all the office drama will be over after reading this blog.


It goes without a saying that an aircon is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a cooling implement at the office or home. The trick is how you use them though because we all know many offices feuds start because of an aircon, especially in summer.

So, what’s the best way to use the aircon at the office?

 It’s pretty simple hey, the first step is keeping all the windows closed when using the aircon is essential, this keeps the office cool. The next step is keeping the aircon temperature between 21 – 24 degrees Celsius, it’s not too cold but is perfect to beat the heat, this will also help end all the office feuds.

Having an aircon makes a massive difference, but if we do not take these other factors into count, then all that cool air can go to waste and defeat the purpose of having aircon.

Office Plants 

Office plants are known to create a great ambience and natural office environment; this is above all they bring with them. In the modern office, stress and tension are always prevalent; having office plants can help alleviate stress.

At Workstation, we offer a variety of imported silk plants that make for great office plants. What many people don’t know is that silk plants have a lot of benefits that can play a massive role in making your office look and feel cool. Below we have listed some of the benefits to having silk plants in your office.

Silk Plants Benefits

  1. They can be used in low light areas where live plants will not grow.
  2. They are usable in an allergy-free environment.
  3. They do not attract insects as real plants do.
  4. Silk plants require little to NO maintenance.
  5. They don’t grow, which means they will last in their environment indefinitely.
  6. No pesticides are necessary.
  7. The choices available in artificial plants are more extensive than their live counterparts.
  8. There is never a problem with mould or water damage.
  9. Pets aren’t attracted to them.
  10. You don’t get any water damage

Having real plants also work well, but of course, this comes with a lot of responsibility like watering consistently and finding the perfect spot where there’s enough sunlight. This makes having silk plants is more feasible. 

Office Furniture 

Sometimes keeping it cool starts with looking cool, if the office furniture is outdated and just plain or uncomfortable, then those heat waves are going to affect us in more ways than one. It is best to evolve and get the office looking cool; Workstation offers the evolution range which brings in a cool modern look and its available in many colours.

Having a modern office with a cool look will make the staff feel more comfortable; this will help with feeling better in the heat. 

Company culture 

Many small tips can be used effectively, making sure the staff dress appropriately for the summer heat and even having water coolers available, however, other treats can change an office ambience entirely, and that’s having an ice cream day once or twice a month on a hot summer’s day. This will help the staff morale, and well, it’s just pleasing. 

How ever you choose to keep your office cool this summer remember to have fun while doing it.

From us, your trusted furniture supplier, keep fresh and remember whenever you need the best office furniture Workstation is your trusted partner.

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