Two Bold Colours to Incorporate Using Office Furniture

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Two Bold Colours to Incorporate Using Office Furniture

It is said that colour has a profound effect on the mind. It can evoke not only emotion but can motivate your actions or how you approach things to an extent, as a result of mood changes. Adding colour to your workplace as well as your workspace by using office furniture and accessories can have a massive effect on your productivity and creativity.

Incorporating colour and vibrancy into the workplace is something managers, and business owners need to consider when creating their work environment. This forms part of the office culture and office appeal. When furnishing the workplace, managers usually emphasise the communal areas such as the reception area, boardroom and waiting rooms as these are spaces which are occupied by guests and clients. However, it is vital to make sure that your employee workspaces encourage creativity, productivity and the company’s overall mission and vision. Bringing colour into workspaces is an excellent way of promoting creativity and productivity.

Green office furniture promotes productivity

The colour green has been linked to broad, creative thoughts. Green is also positively associated with nature and regrowth. It is a great colour to incorporate into the workspace, from a more stylistic point of view. Green office accessories or plants are a subtle way of blending the colour into the space. If green fits your corporate colours, by all means, go big by using green chairs, office desks or even paint the walls. Just be careful of overdoing it and creating a monotone of colour. The vibrancy of the colour will not only bring a pop of colour into the space but promote a productive work environment. This colour is highly recommended for the design or creative industry.

Blue office furniture promotes creative tasks

The colour blue is a great hue to incorporate into areas that require one to perform creatively and think on the spot. This colour does well when used in spaces ideally for brainstorming spaces, project management areas and communal meeting areas. Most people associate the colour blue with peace and tranquillity which thus makes it a great colour to use in areas where people have to think clearly without distractions. It promotes positive thinking and open-mindedness.

Colour has a great way of uplifting a room or the spirit of those working in the space. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to push your company branding or colours. Colour not only improves the style aspect of the office but creates a harmonious environment for all working in the space. You will ultimately get a more positive, creative and productive employee and efficient results.

Ultimately whether you incorporate green or blue office furniture or bring the colour in through accessories or paint on the walls, it will have the same effect. Let us help guide you in your office planning or redecorating.


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