You only get to make a first impression once, so make sure it’s a good one.  No matter the nature of your business, your office reception area dictates the relationship your clients will have with your company.  As prospective clients walk in, they will develop an opinion and decide if they think that doing business with you will be a good idea or not based on what they see.  

Here’s a list of considerations to help you create warm hospitality with reception office furniture.


When you enter a waiting area and you’d rather stand and give your seat to someone else than sit in uncomfortable chairs, you know there is a problem.  The first issue is not having enough seating.  You don’t want clients to have to give their seats to another, due to a lack of seating.  Being seated and not feeling like a sardine is essential for being comfortable in a reception area.  Having adequate seating doesn’t mean pulling in the outside furniture to offer enough sitting area either.  The chairs should also be comfortable enough if clients need to wait for an extended period, as you don’t want them to become frustrated.


Find out what your potential client enjoys and offer it to them to keep them entertained while they wait.  Provide industry related magazines to page though, refreshments and branded take home pens.  There’re also various snacks that can be provided to ease a pang of hunger.  As far as entertainment goes, a television or computer screen with music playing or something entertaining and appropriate for clients to watch can keep them at ease.  Screens can also be used to educate clients about products or services that you offer.  Having the businesses Wi-Fi details accessible will allow people to continue with work or catch up on their social networks while they wait.


Brightness determines mood.  You want to create a sense of calm, while increasing the appeal of the office's aesthetics.  To do this one needs to avoid artificial looking lights, like fluorescent lights, which are harsh and cold.  Instead, make use of a soft white or yellowish light to create a more inviting entrance.


Add big bold plants to brighten up and create a happy space.  Plants are not expensive, and if they’re kept healthy, they’ll bring a sense of calm and joy to those around them as they boost the aesthetics of your office.   An unhealthy plant can be counterproductive however so look after your plants to show potential clients that you take care of things in your workspace.     

Provide adequate and comfortable seating, convenient embellishments with entertainment, appropriate lighting and big bold plants that are well looked after, and you will make an excellent first impression with outstanding hospitality. Discuss your office furniture needs with us.


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