How can office accessories and stationery improve your office efficiency and productivity?

The average human works a total of 39.2 hours per week. Multiply that by 47 weeks, excluding leave, public holidays and weekends; this equals a total of 1842 hours per year. Now, according to reports, the average human working lifespan is up until the age of 67 years, which means that you've worked a total of 92 120 hours in your entire lifetime.

Those numbers are quite eye-opening. People spend most of their time in the office and in some cases the environment can become dull, which means unhappy staff and a lack of efficiency and production. It’s crucial that this does not happen, as it will not only affect the employee's mental state but also impact the business.

To prevent this, make sure that the working environment is pleasant by providing office accessories that make it a little easier and comfortable. It can be as simple as an organiser to organise essential documents to additional side furniture. These all effect employees and it is also a representation of the company’s image.

Not sure of what type of office accessories to purchase? Keep on reading to find out more.

Waste Bins

Bins are a necessity in every office. If the kitchen is situated some distance from most offices, employees could spend quite a bit of time moving between their desk and the kitchen to get rid of any waste. Bins can come in simple mesh design or other more extravagant designs.

Desk Organisers

No one likes coming into an unorganised desk in the morning. It creates instant negative thoughts for the day ahead and this lack of motivation will influence performance and general morale in the office. Get organised with a whole range of metal or plastic desk organisers to suite personal preferences.

Humorous Pens

Who doesn't enjoy a good chuckle now and then? Whip out one of these bad boys, when the workspace becomes gloomy. Some say that laughing if the best medicine, but according to studies, these types of office accessories reduce absenteeism and provide motivation amongst staff. It has also shown it prevents long-term burnout, as well as increased company loyalty and productivity.

Screens and Dividers

Privacy means a lot to most employees. It also aids productivity and efficiency in the office, as there is less chance of disturbance and noise causing problems to occur. On top of this it is also a cost-effective method of creating office space without building alterations and disturbances. They also come in a variety of colours and designs to blend in seamlessly with most office designs.


Most of us have five senses. One of these senses is the power of smell. This sense has been deemed extremely useful, as it can trigger emotions and memories.

For this reason, gifting your employees with this office accessory is a great idea. If they're having a bad day, it will assist them, as it has proven to improve memory and thinking.

Motivational Posters

Somedays can be quite overbearing, especially when one feels tired and there is a lack of cheer. Instead of just letting it be, motivational posters can go a long way in picking up the office spirits. It's not just decorative if done tastefully and set in a good frame, but it will provide them with a boost of confidence to get the job done.

Don't let your business become a drab this 2018. Purchase a few practical, fun and affordable office accessories to create a comfortable and enjoyable place to spend your hours.





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