Everyone needs space now and then, whether it be at home or in the office. There's nothing worse than having a small, cluttered room. It's enough to throw anyone off their productive game, which is why it's essential that the decor suits the corporate identity while doing its job of providing ample space. Installing wall units in the office not only saves space but supplies a more professional look that creates a good first impression and could secure more busines

You only get to make a first impression once, so make sure it’s a good one.  No matter the nature of your business, your office reception area dictates the relationship your clients will have with your company.  As prospective clients walk in, they will develop an opinion and decide if they think that doing business with you will be a good idea or not based on what they see.  

Here’s a list of considerations to help you create warm hospitality with reception office furniture.

It's a Monday morning and your alarm goes, half asleep you manage to find the snooze button, only to be awakened 10 minutes later by the infuriating sound that's reminding you of your 8-hour day at the office.  Taking a deep breath, you find the strength to leave your warm comfortable bed. Now that you've accomplished your first task of the day, you proudly give yourself a pat on the back and get ready for the day ahead.

Ever been in the market for an office chair? Received the quote for your choice of chair and been gob smacked by the price, so you rather popped in at your local supermarket and bought a cheaper version?

Back pain is an all too common medical complaint in modern society. Much research has gone into the ergonomics of correct seating. Surprisingly, or not, it has been found that back pain increases when people work for prolonged hours sitting at their desk.

Ergonomics are important, but some manufacturers mistakenly think that if they produce desks that are at the correct height so that arm positions and hands are in the optimal position for typing that inexpensive office chair designs would be forgiven. Wrong.

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