Corner Korsten Street and Slater Street, Central, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.



Jumbo Bins

  • Manufactured through high pressure injection moulding
  • Fully recyclable, UV-stabilised, impact modified polypropylene
  • Double walled corner and centre posts
  • Two label holders and two hand holds for easy lifting.
  • Fork lift entry: 126mm opening with patented slide entry
JB1000 – Vented Jumbo Bin
  • Capacity: 803L
  • Weight: 37kg
  • Stack: 8 High
  • Size: 1276mm W x 1076mm D x 748mm H

JB2000 – Solid Jumbo Bin
  • Capacity: 803L
  • Weight: 39kg
  • Stack: 8 High
  • Size: 1276mm W x 1076mm D x 748mm H


  • Small parts storage bins
  • Made from tough, impact & acid resistant
  • PRP1042 polypropylene co-polymers
  • Linbins are stackable
  • Dividers & Labels are available for each size
  • Colours available: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green & Clear

Refuse Bin

240L Wheelie Bin
  • Size: 1080mm H x 580mm W x 640mm L
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Max Load: 96k
770L Wheelie Bin
  • Size: 1295mm H x 1260mm W x 772mm D
  • Weight: 41 KG
  • Max Load: 310kg
1100L Wheelie Bin
  • Size: 1380mm H x 1265mm W x 1070mm D
  • Weight: 71kg
  • Max Load: 440kg

Secure Plastic Containers

Secure Plastic Containers
  • Stackable, nestable and compatible with dollies
  • Secure enough for heavy duty transit
  • Flat base makes them suitable for all types of conveyors
  • Tamper-proof seals
  • Wide range of capacities from 6.4 litres up to 75 litres
  • If the lid is broken externally, the cutoff piece falls inside, giving extra internal security
  • Moulding: High-pressure injection moulding
  • Material: Fully recyclable, impact modified polypropylene

6.4L (C7005):

  • Exterior: 300mm x 200mm x 182mm
  • Load: 57kg

26L (C1609):

  • Exterior: 400mm x 297mm x 315mm
  • Load: 160kg

55L (AT64315)

  • Exterior: 600mm x 400mm x 315mm
  • Load 160kg

70L (CT4512)

  • Exterior: 600mm x 400mm x 400mm
  • Load: 165kg

75L (AT704604)

  • Exterior: 714mm x 465mm x 356mm
  • Load: 200kg

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