It’s been quite a year so far, hasn’t it? And we’ve only just hit halfway!

Workplaces have changed and evolved, and perhaps we have, too. But at the core, everyone is still just looking for a little more kindness and empathy from those around them.

How does that affect you at work? Well, the average person spends a third of their life at work, so making sure that it is a pleasant experience can drastically improve overall quality of life.

We’ve all heard about Feng Shui and have a vague idea of what it is – a Chinese school of thought to apply to the design and decoration of buildings and spaces.

Most of what we may have seen so far pertains largely to its use in the home. But how can you use Feng Shui in your office?

Let’s find out!

You work so hard to define your company brand and to make it stand out from the rest, so shouldn’t it be incorporated in your office décor?

Easier said than done, isn’t it? In trying to maintain a professional and classy appearance, we tend to stick to neutral colours. But this risks us coming across as boring and losing our brand identity.

We’ve put together a few tips of subtle and effective ways to include your brand colour scheme in your office space.

Keeping the office cool in summer can be a mission, from everyone fighting over the air conditioner to others wanting to have open windows open the whole day, things can get a bit chaotic. Luckily for you, our team has come up with easy ways to keep your office cool this summer, and in tis blog, we’ll be looking at all that. So, sit back and relax all the office drama will be over after reading this blog.

We all know the importance of having the right chair, right desk and great coffee in the office. These things impact the employee and their productivity. In our previous blogs, we shared the importance of colour and how that can encourage various emotions like creativity and productivity in the workplace.

The right desk for your office can make your work day go much easier and comfortable, while the wrong one can make you miserable. When the time comes to purchase or replace your office desk, consider these important points when choosing the best work desk for your needs.

It's a Monday morning and your alarm goes, half asleep you manage to find the snooze button, only to be awakened 10 minutes later by the infuriating sound that's reminding you of your 8-hour day at the office. Taking a deep breath, you find the strength to leave your warm comfortable bed. Now that you've accomplished your first task of the day, you proudly give yourself a pat on the back and get ready for the day ahead.

You only get to make a first impression once, so make sure it’s a good one. No matter the nature of your business, your office reception area dictates the relationship your clients will have with your company. As prospective clients walk in, they will develop an opinion and decide if they think that doing business with you will be a good idea or not based on what they see.

Modular Workstations are a great fit for most offices

Open plan offices and workstations can lead to major productivity issues, owing to work colleagues being in closer proximity. Cue the gossip, jokes and YouTube sharing. Modular workstations are a fantastic solution to prevent distractions and increase productivity. Here are 5 advantages of modular workstations for your office space and employees.

  1. Wide Variety

Imagine the world was black and white, life would be pretty bland, and we as a society would have a lack of ambition and energy. Colour is an effective tool for productivity; blue is considered to assist the mind, yellow is for creativity, red helps the body and green is used as a calming balance.

Modular workstations are a perfect way to increase a business's productivity, as it comes in different helpful colours, which will also assist in enhancing the office interior.

Not only that but it comes in many shapes, sizes and materials such as wood, metal, glass, laminate and plastic.

  1. Privacy

Everyone needs their space now and again, especially in the office. Modular workstations provide just that, as it is used to separate each cubicle from the other. This will assist your employees in their performance, as well as help develop your business.

  1. Budget Friendly

Budgets and cash flow can either make or break your business. Instead of purchasing more than one piece of office furniture and spending a fortune, invest in modular workstations, as it’s a fantastic alternative being cost-effective.

  1. Simple to Move

Imagine an employee picking up an item that weighs a ton, injuring themselves and then ending up at the doctor. It could result in you paying a large bill. Avoid this all together when investing in modular workstations. It's easy to move and shift from one place to another in the office. Another added benefit of these workstations, is the dissembling and reassembling is incredibly simple, so you can save money by not hiring a professional mover to do this.

  1. Flexible

If your business is new and in the process of growth, then this is the ideal solution for your office space. As your business increases in size, so will your working area. So don't take out your wallet to fork out thousands of rands just yet. Modular Workstations have the option of being modified according to the capacity of your business at very little cost.

Starting a business in today's economy can be quite a challenge, from issues such as financial management to monitoring performance and maintaining your company’s reputation. So don't concern yourself with furniture problems too, rather invest in Modular Workstations and save yourself heaps of trouble.

We are entering 2019, and we are all looking for more efficient and more productive in the New Year. It is common practice at the beginning of every year to have goals and resolutions in place. They vary from being more fit, eating healthy to knocking out those career goals and meeting targets and increasing revenue. However, it is vital to make sure that your space is conducive to working well and being more productive. Therefore, office planning is highly imperative to make your workspace more conducive to working, taking breaks and becoming increasingly productive to meet those goals and hit those targets.

We all know the importance of having the right chair, right desk and great coffee in the office. These things impact the employee and their productivity. In our previous blogs, we shared the importance of colour and how that can encourage various emotions like creativity and productivity in the workplace.

If you are an administrator, you will understand the importance of having an organized filing cabinet, no matter the industry you are working in. It is therefore essential to have the right filing system and storage system. This will not only assist in making your day to day job, but it will keep your office neat and tidy. There is nothing worse than having to look through a thousand binders or folders for one slip that you misplaced three months ago. A right filing cabinet and excellent filing system can eliminate all that.

We spend the better part of our days at work, whether we like it or not this is one place that needs to be tranquil at all times but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Work politics, personal issues being brought to work and more. With all that said it is of utmost importance to create an ambience that fosters good working relationships among the workers. This ultimately improves productivity and grows the company taking it to even greater heights after all a happy employee equals a pleasant boss and a thriving company.

Winter is slowly approaching, and this means the biggest office fights are about to start. Yes, the ones about the air conditioning, the ones about who finished the milk and where did you put the sugar after you used it. The struggle becomes real as everyone will be looking to keep warm. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all that this year, we’ve put together a plan to help keep warm at the office this Winter.

We are almost halfway through the year. If your office furniture still has the 2018 look and feel you ought to be reading this blog. Why you ask yourself. Well, the answer is pretty simple – the workplace has changed drastically in the past 12 months. From technology to personnel so much has changed, and so should your office furniture.

An office reception is the first point of contact with any office. It is a place where the company's first impression is made and where its image needs to be well maintained at all times. Somehow, to this day, we still find reception areas that are substandard to how a reception area should be.

If you’ve worked for a small company, you’ll know the pain of sitting on a bad office chair for the whole day, and to some extent, your back is still feeling the pain. Lousy office chairs have led many employees to have back injuries, and in many cases, this has led to companies losing good workers.

Spring is a mere few weeks away; this means it’s almost time for spring cleaning the office. Yes, the office! Spring cleaning doesn’t only end at home; your office needs to be spring cleaned as well.

It goes without a saying that a reception desk is a centrepiece to any office entrance, - this is what visitors see first when entering the building, creating that crucial first impression.

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